Parasailing in "Long Beach" is not difficult. Just come and look or if have any disbelief, you can ask anyone who tried it before.It is safe, fun and provides an exhilarating experience. Parasail knows no age. Anyone can do it!
Enjoy the breeze while you glide above the sea. Fly along the beautifull beaches of south crete.
You can fly low if you are afraid, or you can fly up to 100m height. An experience you will never forget.!

Capacity: 10persons + crew on the boat

Time:Average 12-15min



Parasail flights depend entirely on the weather. We will not be parasailing if sustained winds exceed 20mph with maximum wind gust of 25mph. Seas must be less than 4 feet. Weather is the biggest variable with parasailing, to be specific wind is the biggest factor. It’s the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’ on determining if weather conditions will permit the parasailing.


Children under the age of 16 MUST have a parent or legal guardian sign a waiver for them before boarding the boat (I.D. Required ).


If you are PREGNANT, have a HEART CONDITION, BAD BACK or any other physical conditions that will be aggravated by potential rough conditions on the ocean or the parasail flight.  In the name of safety for you, other participants and our crew. The LBP staff has the right to determine if an individual is fit to participate in parasailing activity. We want everybody to have the best experience possible.


It is the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’. We always do our best to accommodate your request on how and who you fly with. However, SAFETY is our number one priority. The parasail requires a certain amount of weight to perform a safe flight. The weight parameters may change at the time of your ride due to changing wind and ocean conditions. Parasailing is a dynamic activity. For this reason, small children or lighter passengers may have to fly with an adult or larger passenger. Again in the end, it is  the ‘Parasail Captain’s Call’.   Minimum weight for a single flyer going up in the air by themselves is 110lbs. (50kg). Maximum weight is 450lbs (204kg). This would be the maximum combined weight for 2 people flying together. Again, these parameters may change at time of ride.


The whole activity can take up to 1 and a half hour if you are on a full trip. Our trips are normally made up of a group of 8 passengers. Parasail flight times are as followed: Single flyer approximately 10-12 minutes; 2 flyers approx. 12-15 minutes.


Are only taken if there are open seats for that trip. They are taken on a first come first serve basis for a fee of 15E. per person but still its up to “The captain’s Call”.